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FACEPLATE has collaborated with the Italian company Eni

FACEPLATE has collaborated with the Italian company Eni, through its subsidiaries Arm Wind LLP and Zeinet&SSE LLP, to successfully implement large-scale renewable energy projects. One of these notable projects is the Badamsha wind power plant located in the Aktobe region, which represents Eni's first and largest investment in the wind energy sector. With a capacity of 48 MW, the plant is capable of generating 195 GWh of clean energy per year.

As part of the Badamsha-Phase 2 project, FACEPLATE applies advanced solutions in industrial automation, adhering to international standards for health, safety, and environmental protection (EHS & ESG).

FACEPLATE's integrated solutions in process automation, including automated process control systems, and data acquisition and visualization systems (SCADA), are designed to create reliable systems for renewable energy facilities. These systems enable the collection, processing, storage, integration, and analysis of large volumes of strategically important data.
The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system provided by FACEPLATE offers seamless integration with various systems and effectively monitors the condition of the 10 wind turbines, including monitoring of active and reactive power and other parameters. However, beyond turbine monitoring, FACEPLATE SCADA also performs a range of other functions and possesses an expanded scope of responsibility:

  • Security PLC: SCADA integrates with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to ensure system security. It employs a fault-tolerant S7 connection for communication and control of the security PLC.
  • Substation PLC: SCADA interacts with substation PLCs using the IEC-101 protocol, enabling monitoring and control of substations within the SCADA system.
  • FACP Panels: The SCADA system integrates with fire alarm and Fire Extinguishing control panels (FACP) via the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. This integration facilitates the control and monitoring of fire safety systems.
  • CCTV and Telecommunication equipment: SCADA can also integrate with video surveillance systems (CCTV) and telecommunication equipment to provide control and monitoring of these relevant systems.
  • Remote monitoring: The SCADA system enables remote monitoring from various cities and countries, empowering operators to monitor and control the system remotely.
  • Time synchronization: SCADA synchronizes the system's operating time with the NTP server, ensuring accurate data and event synchronization.
  • Alarm Monitoring: SCADA effectively monitors and indicates alarms, enabling operators to promptly respond to potential issues and incidents.
  • Trend analysis and data archiving: SCADA performs trend analysis and archives all variables for subsequent analysis and system tracking.
    Overall, FACEPLATE SCADA combines digitalization, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cybersecurity, and classical automated control systems to address productivity and efficiency challenges in technological processes. It enables real-time tracking of key indicators, reduces operating costs and expenses, and prevents downtime, unplanned shutdowns, and accidents.
    Operating at the intersection of various technological fields, the FACEPLATE team possesses the expertise and strong competencies necessary for the successful implementation of renewable energy projects. They adhere to high standards in industrial process automation and safety, ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of renewable energy facilities.

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