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The Automatic Power and Frequency Control (APFC)

The Automatic Power and Frequency Control (APFC) system plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and reliability of the power system in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its primary purpose is to automatically regulate the frequency in the power system during isolated operation, maintaining a stable frequency through effective control of electricity generation and consumption.
Moreover, the APFC system also handles the automatic regulation of power flows between neighboring countries when their power systems operate in parallel. It facilitates the balance of power exchange, enabling efficient import and export of electricity between countries. This capability optimizes the utilization of generating capacities and contributes to the overall stability of the regional power system.
Being an integral part of the energy system management, the APFC system ensures the reliability and efficiency of the electric power infrastructure in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a critical component in maintaining the consistent delivery of electricity and sustaining the operations of various sectors relying on a stable power supply.
As part of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan," the national operator KEGOC is actively implementing "smart networks" technology. Among the key projects, the implementation of the APFC system stands out. FACEPLATE, in collaboration with KEGOC, is developing a tailored solution based on digital technologies to connect power plants to the APFC system. This initiative serves as a vital link towards integrating renewable energy sources, as the APFC system automatically compensates for the inherent instability of renewable energy generation.
The project tackles the challenge of accurately predicting electricity consumption for the upcoming day in Kazakhstan. By utilizing predictive models powered by machine learning algorithms, the system develops hundreds of models for each station and substation. These models enable proactive decision-making, preventing accidents or emergency situations by forecasting consumption patterns and potential issues in advance.
In conclusion, the APFC system, implemented in partnership with FACEPLATE, plays a crucial role in ensuring stable frequency regulation and balanced power exchange within the Republic of Kazakhstan's power system. It aligns with the national objective of advancing digitalization in the energy sector and establishes a pathway for incorporating renewable energy sources while enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

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