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KEGOC (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company)

KEGOC (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company), as the national operator, is committed to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the electric power system in Kazakhstan. One notable project in this endeavor is the development of Automation Wide Area Control Systems (WACS) as an extension of the existing Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) structure.
WAMS serves as a comprehensive monitoring system that utilizes advanced measurement, synchronization, and data transmission technologies to continuously monitor the state of the electric power system. It collects crucial data on voltage, current, frequency, phase angles, and other parameters from various nodes within the system, enabling in-depth analysis and system monitoring.
On the other hand, WACS is an automated system that operates within a wide control area, leveraging the data received from WAMS to implement automatic control and management of the electric power system. WACS enables swift responses to system changes, optimizes energy distribution, and ensures system stability through effective regulation of electricity generation, transmission, and consumption.
The implementation of WACS automation within the existing WAMS structure empowers KEGOC to access real-time data on the state of the electric power system. These real-time insights are instrumental in making operational decisions and effectively managing the system. By reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall system efficiency, the integration of WACS enhances the reliability and resilience of the electric power system.
The introduction of SMART Grid technologies, such as WAMS and WACS, represents a significant advancement in the modernization of the electric power industry. These technologies enable Kazakhstan to establish an intelligent, flexible, and sustainable energy system, fostering the nation's energy transition and meeting the evolving needs of its citizens and industries.
Building upon the Kazakhstani FACEPLATE solution, an automatic load distribution project has been successfully implemented. Its core functionality revolves around continuous monitoring of electricity consumption nationwide and dynamically determining the optimal load distribution for each generating station in real time. Previously, this task was carried out once a day based on a daily report, but now it occurs in real time, with calculations being performed almost every second.
In conclusion, the development and deployment of Automation Wide Area Control Systems (WACS) within the framework of Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) demonstrates KEGOC's commitment to harnessing advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electric power system in Kazakhstan. This strategic initiative, supported by the Kazakh FACEPLATE solution, paves the way for a smarter, more responsive, and sustainable energy future for the nation.

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