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Monitoring and controlling harmful emissions

Monitoring and controlling harmful emissions is crucial for environmental preservation and ensuring sustainability. To achieve effective regulation and continuous monitoring of emissions, a unified monitoring system based on data from various process automation systems (APCS) is utilized. In this article, we will explore how a FACEPLATE-based monitoring system enables continuous monitoring and control of harmful substance emissions.
FACEPLATE is a robust IIoT system designed for data collection, visualization, and analysis in industrial facilities. Its flexibility and integration capabilities allow for the aggregation of data from diverse automated control systems, including air pollution control systems and gas purification systems, to establish a comprehensive emission monitoring system.
A FACEPLATE-based continuous emission monitoring system encompasses the following functions:

  • Data Collection: FACEPLATE collects emission data from various sources such as sensors, analyzers, and gas purification systems. This data is transmitted to the system for further analysis and visualization.
  • Analysis and Visualization: FACEPLATE empowers operators to analyze emission data in real time and visualize it through graphs, charts, and other tools. This facilitates easy monitoring and control of emission levels, enabling operators to take necessary measures to reduce emissions when required.
  • Emergency Alerts: The FACEPLATE-based monitoring system can be configured to automatically notify operators when emission levels exceed permissible limits. This ensures timely responses to potentially hazardous situations, allowing prompt measures to be taken for resolution.
  • Integration with Other Systems: FACEPLATE can integrate with other systems such as safety and environmental monitoring systems, enabling comprehensive control over emissions and interaction with other aspects of a company's operations.
    By utilizing a unified system of continuous emission monitoring based on FACEPLATE, enterprises gain the capability to effectively monitor and manage their emissions of harmful substances. This aids in reducing the negative impact on the environment and ensures compliance with environmental standards and regulations. With its flexibility and functionality, FACEPLATE becomes an indispensable tool for enterprises striving for environmental sustainability and adherence to environmental and safety requirements.

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