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The Shaulder solar power plant

The Shaulder solar power plant, situated in southern Kazakhstan with a capacity of 50 MW, is currently in the conceptual design stage. Cybersecurity is a crucial consideration in this project, given the increasing importance of protecting energy systems in the digital age.
In today's interconnected world, where information technology and digitalization play a central role, ensuring cybersecurity has become paramount for energy systems. The Shaulder solar power plant project places special emphasis on safeguarding the data transmission system, defending against potential cyber attacks, and preventing unauthorized access to critical systems and devices.

Adhering to modern cybersecurity requirements and standards, the project team is implementing appropriate security measures. These measures include utilizing secure data transfer protocols, configuring network systems based on security principles, employing authentication and encryption mechanisms, and continuously monitoring the system for potential threats and anomalies.
The primary goal of prioritizing cybersecurity in the Shaulder project is to ensure the reliable, stable, and secure operation of the solar power plant. By safeguarding against potential cyber threats and external attacks, the project aims to guarantee the security of electricity production and protect sensitive data.
FACEPLATE brings extensive experience and expertise in energy, analytics, and data processing to the table. This enables the company to deliver local automation solutions of high quality and efficiency. Ensuring the safety of workers in production and maintaining a high level of cybersecurity in production systems are top priorities for FACEPLATE. By doing so, the company ensures the reliable and secure operation of energy facilities.
Furthermore, FACEPLATE recognizes the importance of environmental considerations in its operations. The company strives to implement projects that contribute to environmental sustainability and minimize the negative impact on the environment. This commitment enables FACEPLATE to actively promote renewable energy and facilitate the transition towards more environmentally friendly energy sources.
Using solutions and applications of advanced technologies in the field of renewable energy, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of energy systems.

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